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Alt-text from XKCD: “I can’t remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you’re saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it’s not literally illegal to express.”



This is another info graphic I did advocating for snakes. When spring comes around snakes start to come out of hibernation and sometimes will end up in people’s backyards. Snakes around this time are killed left and right, whether it is completely harmless or venomous. I want to urge people to learn about snakes and also to leave snakes alone!

Snakes don’t “hibernate” actually they’re just less out and active

does anyone else think mary michael patterson looks like dianna agron?


on week two of my #rawfood diet… I feel amazing! who knew eating #raw could be so delish?


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Hey guys, I know this is a long shot but does anyone need a place to stay in the Baltimore area?
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Anti Social Justice: A Helpful Translation Guide! - by Claudia Boleyn

I decided to put together this helpful translation guide for when one has to deal with hostile, passive aggressive anti social justice bloggers.

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As many of you know, HUGH PANARO plays his final performance on Saturday evening, May 3. NORM LEWIS will debut in the title role one week later on Monday evening, May 12.

The week in between Hugh and Norm (the week of May 5), we’re pleased to announce that our own Laird Mackintosh (current Andre as well as Phantom cover) will be playing The Phantom! Laird had previously covered and played the role in the Toronto production, and has gone on several times here in New York the last few months.

In NY, he’s one of only 32 gentlemen to play the man behind the mask: 13 official Phantoms, 4 limited engagement replacements and an additional 15 gentlemen who have gone on in the role as understudies. Laird will move from the understudy category to the limited engagement replacements. (Norm Lewis will become the 14th official Phantom and 33rd gentleman to play the role on Broadway.)

Congrats Laird!

Photo ©Greg Chow/gregchow.com

electricportcullis: Okay. Role reversal! What if Raoul was born with a deformity like Erik's and Erik was handsome?




Raoul, while loved by his brother is despised by his sisters (they can’t do anything, because Philippe’s a darn COUNT).

Erik is a poor man with an abusive past and is an incredible musician who performs outside of the Opera at night. He is hired a few years before Christine arrives and rises to prominence despite eccentric and obsessive behavior. He begins to tutor Christine when he discovers her singing to herself at night (Erik created a composing room within the bowels of the opera that he keeps all to himself, at which he frequently spends the night). They form a friendship that becomes strained when it becomes obvious that Erik is falling obsessively in love with the young soprano.

The young Raoul de Chagny is taken to the opera for the first time by his brother. He wears a handsomely crafted mask, and it is assumed the young Viscount is eccentric but extremely handsome. He is incredibly shy. When he see’s Christine perform for the first time, he falls madly in love with her, but does not approach her because he’s afraid that she will be frightened of him.

However, he feels himself forced to get involved when he discovers hints of Christine’s involvement with an incredibly talented but obsessive man.

That’s all I got right now.

Okay, here’s some more.

Raoul finally approaches Christine after a show to congratulate her on her performance, and tells her how much he admires her, and wouldshecaretogoouttothislovelycafeforacupofteaorcoffeeexcusemeisitterriblyhotinhere? Christine, while at first frightened and confused by Raoul’s mask, sees that he’s a kind and gentle person, and consents. They talk, and discover that while their social status’ are different, they have much in common. They form a strong friendship.

Soon, Raoul confesses his love to Christine, though he interrupts with apologies, and exclamations of “I am not worthy”. Christine, though extremely flattered, and feels herself falling for this strange man, declines any further relations with him, because she won’t marry. When Raoul asks why, Christine leaves.

Meanwhile, Erik is keeping a tight leash on Christine, and the young soprano fears for her friend’s safety because of how possessive Erik is. However, she still admires him greatly, and loves him in a more platonic manner than Raoul. She also pities him, because he won’t touch Christine at all, for fear of hurting her. Also, he won’t allow Christine to touch him, because he’s terrified of being hurt, because the horrendous abuse he suffered through most of his life, starting with his family. He became homeless at a young age, and received no kindness and only further abuse in the street. When Christine tried to hug him as thanks for teaching her, he recoiled away and refused to give her lessons for a week.

In this AU, while Erik is possessive and eccentric, he doesn’t have a torture chamber. So when it’s clear to Raoul that Christine has an unwanted suitor, and that she’s frightened, he finally talks the truth out of her, and she says who she’s bound to. Raoul, in a fit of bravery, confronts Erik in the opera after a show (thankfully in the private corner).  Erik is furious, and slaps Raoul’s mask off just as Christine runs over. Raoul screams and covers his face, and begs Christine to look away.

*and that’s all I got for now…somebody finish it? Not a tragic ending?*

I’ll finish it, Lenore :)

Okay, so Erik has Raoul’s mask in hand and Raoul is covering his face with both of his hands, but Christine had caught a glimpse of her young suitor’s deformity. She gasps and steps away from Raoul a bit, obviously she’s a bit frightened and startled (I mean who wouldn’t be?). Though Erik has not seen Raoul’s face yet. Raoul is on the floor crying and begging Erik for his mask back, but Erik says he will not give it back to him until he shows his face. Christine sees how upset and distressed Raoul is. She yells at Erik to give him back the mask, but Erik refuses until Raoul will show him his face.

The three are causing quite a ruckus and it can pretty much be heard by everyone in the auditorium of the opera house. Erik, Christine, and Raoul are current alone backstage during intermission. Raoul is so distressed that he attempts to run from both Erik and Christine, but he freezes when he realizes he’s on a stage in front of an audience full of people. Philippe is up in one of the boxes and he sees his little brother terrified and maskless, trying to cover his face with his hands. Philippe quickly rushes out of the box and starts running to the stage area. Erik walks out on stage and he’s holding Raoul’s mask in his hands. The audience is getting anxious and they realize that the young viscount must have a secret. They begin to chant for him to uncover his face, they want a show (the opera they’re seeing is rather boring). Erik is also yelling at Raoul too. Raoul, under so much stress just wants his mask back, it’s like a comfort object to him. So he gives in and takes his hands off his face, leaving Erik speechless and the audience in uproar. There’s screams and cries of fright and disgust.

Philippe, now backstage with Christine, sees his brother in agony and torment. It’s what he had feared would eventually happen. He runs to the helpless Raoul and shields his face. He quickly takes him away from the whole mess. He carries Raoul almost like a baby until they get to Philippe’s carriage. He takes him back to their home and tells him that they’re cutting their patronage to that wretched opera house and never returning. Raoul is just crying in Philippe’s shoulder. He says that Christine saw his face and that his life is over. Philippe tries to tell him that Christine was just a silly chorus girl who didn’t matter, but that doesn’t make Raoul feel any better.

Raoul spends the week hiding in the estate. He does not even change out of his pajamas or leave his room even. He’s too ashamed to go back outside. At the end of the week, the Chagnys get a visitor. It’s that little chorus girl from the opera, the one that Raoul was madly in love with, Christine. In her hand is Raoul’s mask. Philippe refuses to let her in, but Christine begs and Philippe eventually gives in. She goes up to Raoul’s bedroom and knocks on the door, but Raoul refuses to let her in. Christine tells him that she’s not afraid or disgusted by him and she never would be. Raoul can’t say no yo her and let’s her in. His face is completely uncovered too. Christine approaches him and tells him that Erik gave the mask back to her and that he’s really sorry about the whole situation. Raoul laughs at that, because now his public life is ruined. It’s all in the newspapers that he’s a hideous beast. Christine sits next to Raoul on his bed and tells him that he’s not a hideous beast, that he’s so much more. She tells him that he has a good heart, and his good heart is what makes him beautiful. Raoul starts to cry and Christine kisses his forehead. They both then passionately kiss and she spends the day with him alone in the bedroom.

Christine visits Raoul everyday and eventually gets him to go outside with her. He wears his mask, of course, but he gets many unwanted stares and gossip. Christine tells him to ignore it and she takes him on little romantic outings across Paris. Raoul continues to propose to her for months and months, and Christine continues to refuse, until one day she realizes how happy she is with Raoul, how happy he makes her. She still wants to continue with her career, and she decides that she will still support herself even when married. She excitedly runs to the estate (not even taking a carriage. That’s like at least sixty blocks from where she lives) and she sees Raoul tending to the garden. She jumps on him and knocks him down and kisses his mask covered face. She shouts, “YES!”

And Raoul is very confused and is like, “Yes…what?”

And Christine laughs and kisses him again, “Yes, I will marry you!”


Lost in the night all alone, with nowhere to hide.



what are the signs of luigi

signs of luigi:

  • biscuit crumbs everywhere
  • distant sobbing sounds
  • sound of someone falling over in another room

Describing Pain


Properly describing pain can be difficult, considering that we tend to forget what various injuries actually feel like after they heal. This is a blessing, as no one really wants to remember the quality and severity of pain as if they’re re-experiencing it. However, it can be useful to know how to describe pain for writing purposes, as writers tend to enjoy mauling their poor characters.

There are various qualities and severities of pain. You can think of them as different flavors and textures of ice cream—ice cream comes in many flavors (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc) and the texture may vary, depending upon the addition of things like nuts and fudge.

Qualities of pain include:

  1. Sharp
  2. Stabbing
  3. Burning
  4. Hot
  5. Tearing—ripping or pulling apart
  6. Searing—brief, intense heat
  7. Crushing—pain feels “heavy”
  8. Localized—the pain occurs in only one part of the body
  9. Radiating—the pain spreads over other parts of the body

Severity of pain can range from mild to moderate to severe, and medical professionals often use a scale of 1-10 for adult patients, with, for example, 1 being a mild headache and 10 being the worst pain the patient has ever felt. Understanding the qualities and severities of pain are useful to diagnosis in the real world, and using them to describe what your characters are feeling adds realism.

Many disorders and injuries have pain that is very specific to them, and it would be wise to research the pain symptomatic of your character’s particular disorder or injury. For example, men having heart attacks commonly experience a crushing chest pain that radiates down the left arm, and appendicitis is often experienced as a sharp, stabbing pain in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen.

Pain is also very relative. Individuals may report different severities of pain for the same types of injuries. I’ve heard some patients after open heart surgery request as much pain medication as we can legally give them, while others only require a Tylenol.

How patients express feeling pain can be helpful for characterization. For example, a strong and stoic character might have a horrific injury, but only show that they are in pain by clenching their fists. On the other hand, a character unused to pain or injury may whine and grimace a lot about a papercut.

Some ways of expressing pain include:

  1. Guarding—shielding the injured/painful area with hands or arms
  2. Shouting or whispering
  3. Clenched fists
  4. Gritted or bared teeth
  5. Light skinned characters may go pale or gray, while dark skinned characters may go gray or their lips may be purplish
  6. Thousand yard stare
  7. Facial grimacing or wincing
  8. Moaning or crying
  9. Limited range of motion
  10. Decrease in appetite

Other things to consider include whether anything improves or worsens the pain (such as holding an injured limb immobile or flexing it, or elevating it), whether the pain is continuous or intermittent (meaning coming in waves or flashes), and symptoms associated with extreme pain, like nausea or vomiting.

I hope this has been helpful, and remember that the most important part of torturing your wretched characters is to have fun!


"thats so much food! you can’t possibly eat all that!"




Shanesha Taylor was arrested on March 20th by the Scottsdale Police for leaving her children ages 2 and 6 months in her car while she interviewed for a job. Ms. Taylor was homeless and could not access any child care. Her desperation to provide for herself and her children and her lack of options led her to take drastic measures in search of employment. Ms. Taylor needs support & help rather than incarceration and a criminal record that will surely decrease her chances to provide for her children in the future. We ask that Maricopa County use common-sense and provide support for Ms. Taylor and her children rather than punishment.

Shanesha Taylor is still in jail pending a $9,000 bond.

Help drop the child abuse charges against Shanesha Taylor by signing this petition at change.org. Here’s the link: http://www.change.org/petitions/bill-montgomery-drop-the-child-abuse-charges-against-shanesha-taylor?recruiter=13739587&utm_campaign=twitter_link_action_box&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=share_petition

Don’t just reblog, make sure to sign!