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The Phantom is seriously going to be played by a black man?!?


Do black people even watch or like opera!?! 

you are so racist please insert yourself into the nearest garbage can


Laverne Cox was purposefully kept off the Times 100 list. 

Just let that sink in.

Oh and before you come at me, I do not care what you say because she was well over 90 fucking percent

If you don’t think that’s utterly fucking disgusting and transmisogynist then I have officially nothing to say to you and you may vacate my life immediately

This woman is a feminist icon. She has been raising awareness for trans rights everywhere. She is the driving force behind the Free CeCe docuementary. She is an inspiration to women everywhere

And they fucking kept her off the list.

Fuck all of your excuses this was blatant erasure and transmisogynist violence. 


Joseph Spieldenner - Javert’s Suicide
April 7, 2013

I wonder how often he actually went on for Javert?

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Mary Sue Month



Can we make June be Mary Sue Month? And people can write all the ‘Sues for all the fandoms? And post them to tumblr with the tag #marysuemonth and we can celebrate female power fantasies? And we can once and for all put away the silly notion that Mary Sues are bad and unworthy and a blight on fan culture? Because that would be really awesome. 

Also, we’re gonna expand the definition of a Mary Sue a little to make room for anyone who is underrepresented when it comes to power fantasies (I.E. anyone who isn’t a straight white cis dude). So if your self-insert isn’t a woman (cis or trans), that’s okay. I JUST WANT JUNE TO BE ABOUT TAKING BACK THE CONCEPT OF THE MARY SUE!

shit this is not a good day



everyone go send time magazine “Where is Laverne Cox?” in their ask box

heres the link to their ask box

if someone wants to send me a nice message (or nice phantom headcanon) that would be swell

sorry I’m just in a really bad place I need to take my abilify but I can’t and I’m sad and anxious

they tried to switch my abilify to nights because it was making me sleepy but I started crying last night for no real reason and I got kinda bad so now I have to wait until the morning to take it shit

he’s with me even now…


12 people have unfollowed me in the last 5 minutes really if you think john green or benedict cumberbatch deserve to be on times most influential people list more than laverne cox or lupita nyong’o i wish you’d never followed me in the first place


Please consider emailing Time magazine at feedback@time.com to get them to reconsider not putting Laverne Cox on their list. She overwhelmingly got voted in at 91.5%, but was not put on there. Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood had 25% of the vote and was put on there.
The erasure of trans women, and women of color needs to stop. Ms. Cox does nothing but good work.